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My (Dis)Organized Life

In my professional life and when it comes to my home office, I am the matriarch of organization. I can put my hands on a piece of paper from years prior or find a snippet of code among a zillion … Continue reading

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To Read or To Write…That is the Question!

Just a quick note to let  you know about all of the content changes on my website. Keep Reading gets updated monthly with my list of “in progress” books. Each month I will review a book. My first two reviews … Continue reading

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Letting Go of Perfect

I had been thinking about coaching soccer.  A friend listened to my litany of reasons for why I was going to say ‘no’ to coaching.  “I know I’d love the experience and it would be nice to have children in … Continue reading

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Weekly Brief – Toss the Typewriter

Here it goes: I am finally going to divulge the reasons why my web-site is called Toss the Typewriter.  I can hear you all sighing in relief.  “The anticipation was unbearable,” you say.  “Tell us please!” Here are the top … Continue reading

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The Power of One

This is a follow-up to two prior posts:  Great Inspirations and Weekly Brief – Linda Cliatt-Wayman. So why’d I cry when I heard Linda Cliatt-Wayman speak at the Massachusetts Conference for Women?  After weeks of pondering this question and days of … Continue reading

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