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Bad Karaoke, Beautiful Souveniers

Does anyone have an antidote to bad karaoke?  If so, please let me know what it is, for it is currently disturbing my ability to write. I shouldn’t complain. I am fortunate enough to live on a lake; yet here … Continue reading

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Restoring Memories

The photos lay in front of me, memories from years of Christmases and birthdays, like cards after a game of 52 Pick-up. I sit upon the floor, left leg extended and right folded in, and study each photo, searching for … Continue reading

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Weekly Brief – Grandma and Shirley Temple

The blue Shirley Temple pitcher used to rest next to the purple African Violets on the Singer sewing machine in my Grandmother’s bedroom. As Grandma watered her violets, I asked her about the girl on the pitcher and Grandma explained that Shirley Temple … Continue reading

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Through the Lens of Facebook

So, tell me truthfully, did you click the Facebook movie link?  If so, you have participated in Facebook’s presentation of its “Big Data”. I wasn’t going to click, but I had watched several movies and curiosity nagged at me. In … Continue reading

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The Pillbox Hat (Fiction)

I could hear them bickering downstairs, while the radio shifted from static to voices and back to static again. Over Joan’s objections, Chuck would be tuning into Edgar Bergen. Joan was the baby, she had no say in radio operations. … Continue reading

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