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Wkly Brief – Idol Homecoming

American Idol’s Alex Preston (@RealAlexPreston), during his May 2014 hometown visit to New Hampshire, mentioned missing his family, friends, girlfriend, and “[Even] the air”.1  He is so right. Even the air in New Hampshire is idyllic. Several years ago, we took … Continue reading

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Windows (Fiction)

This week’s Daily Post Challenge, was to write a story in fifty words.  Exactly fifty words.  The idea intrigued me, so here’s my results. Windows Black curls fall over blue eyes. “Watch for me at six,” he says. Five fifty-five: … Continue reading

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A Hand Across the Ages

Eyes shut, the quiet buzz of the fluorescent lights and the cool, quasi-wood of the desk below my folded arms soothes my rapid-fire thoughts.  I lay my head on my arms, shifting so that my cheek encounters the coolness.  Old, … Continue reading

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Roadside Assistance (Fiction)

She sits across from me, a white-haired bird of a lady, a stranger. I glance at my iPhone.  I can give her twenty minutes, if I skip my errands.  I should have refused her offer of a cup of coffee, … Continue reading

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The Pillbox Hat (Fiction)

I could hear them bickering downstairs, while the radio shifted from static to voices and back to static again. Over Joan’s objections, Chuck would be tuning into Edgar Bergen. Joan was the baby, she had no say in radio operations. … Continue reading

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