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Lost Souls of Video Games

Are you as excited as I am about the new Disney Infinity console video game? Joy oh joy, now our female children will want to stare at their computers, laptops, ThinkPads at the same rate as our male children.  Now that … Continue reading

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What You Might Not Know About Your College-Aged Child

Excuse me, can I catch you for just one moment? Your child is off to college tomorrow. How exciting! What adventures to be had!  I’m sure that you will be lonely, but then you will think about how happy your … Continue reading

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Is It Ever Enough?

If you are following the news right now, you know that Robin Williams suffered from addiction and depression and finally succumbed to his illnesses. It is incredibly sad to lose yet another talented person to these dual diseases. So many … Continue reading

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Wkly Brief – Marginalized Mothers

Throughout the world there are lovely women who raised beautiful children, and then something went terribly wrong. Perhaps the child picked up his first beer, or smoked her first joint. Maybe the child struggled with eating too much, or perhaps … Continue reading

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Put Your Oxygen Mask On First

Someone you love is in trouble, and you are desperately seeking a way to help this person. You need answers and direction, fast.  Perhaps your loved one exhibits signs of addiction, or his behavior is erratic. Maybe your once sensitive … Continue reading

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