October’s Book List

To all of you who have read my book reviews, thank you. As much as I enjoyed writing the reviews, I need to shift my focus and energy to writing my own book.

So for now, instead of writing a full review of one book each month, I will share a list of all books that made me want to tell the world about them.  Only books that make it to my Gold Medal Page will be listed each month.

Last month, these were the books that I enjoyed.  Both books can be found at most bookstores, and have been reviewed on goodreads’ website.

Dangerous DenialMy Reading Queue for upcoming months includes these intriguing books from my Twitter Author Archives:

  • Thriller: Dangerous Denial by Amy Ray (@WriterAmyRay)
  • Romance: Equilibrium by Lorrie Thomson (@LorrieThomson)

As well as these titles that are on my Kindle, in my Audible List, or clamoring for my attention:

  • The Red Tent by Anita Diamant
  • Baker Towers by Jennifer Haigh


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