Love at First Lilt


Coming soon from author Barbara Rath Hoover, the first of her International Tours romance series:

Love at First Lilt

Some men lie about marriage. AEDEN O’CONNELL is one of them.

The summer of software engineer CARLY BLAKE’s seventh year, she’d fallen in love with an Irish ghost she’d met in an Iowa cornfield. Twenty years later, long past ghostly desires, she dreams of a proposal from her hometown boyfriend and coworker, GRAHAM OLHOUSER. But when she invites him on a romantic tour of coastal Ireland, he stays behind to work. She goes alone, with only an ancestor’s journal, a half-knitted sweater, and memories of an Irish ghost to keep her company. That is until her tour bus driver Aeden O’Connell, welcomes her to Ireland.

Aeden has walked away from yet another brilliant, attractive woman. Ancestry expert, FIONA CASSIDY, his lover and muse through the last months of his PhD, wants a commitment. But he has no heart for love. He’d given it away once, and when it broke, the pieces had withered and blown away. But he had to see her one more time, for she has his century-old charcoal sketches. The ones of the woman he’d loved as a child.

When Aeden and Carly meet, their pasts collide to create a perfect storm of attraction, for she resembles his beloved sketched woman, and his lilting Irish accent match the cadence and resonance of her protective spirit. But Carly is nearly engaged to a man who has everything she’s ever wanted, and Aeden isn’t willing to let anyone, especially a woman as kind and intelligent as Carly, get close enough to hurt him again. When the rumor he’s married is started by one of the tourists, Aeden encourages it, leaving Carly to wonder why she’s sacrificing everything she’s ever wanted for a man she can’t have.

With the green cliffs and colorful towns of Ireland as a backdrop, and eccentric tourists, friends, and family giving them unsolicited advice, Carly and Aeden struggle with friendship, faith, and attraction, to find that maybe, where they’d come from, was exactly where they belonged.

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