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Wkly Brief – Windows 8.1 Wireless Rant

I thought about writing an Ode to Windows 8.1, but I have already wasted enough time uninstalling and reinstalling wireless connections, because Windows 8.1 has a ‘glitch’.  Just a tiny little thing that you can research and find solutions to … Continue reading

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Wkly Brief – Before and After Photos

Have you ever needed to show two photos side-by-side in Facebook or WordPress?  Here’s what I do:

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Self-Service Technical Support

Lovely chat this morning with a technical support gal named Bonnie from a company that I wish not to name (WNTN) because I have been told that even negative mention is advertising. Anyways, Bonnie from WNTN, and her highly technical … Continue reading

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Wkly Brief – Easy, Accessible Address Book

When Dad passed away a few years back, Mom handed us middle-aged kids his address book. From his neatly penciled telephone numbers we called relatives and friends.  When it was my turn, I held the brown, faux-leather book and turned … Continue reading

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Weekly Brief – Easy Email Texting

My brother-in-law is one of a rare breed who does not have a cell phone cemented to his hand. Instead he uses a land-line and email. In a world where his age-group peers send 247 text messages per day,1 he … Continue reading

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