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Manuscript Review

Last Thursday, I sent the third draft of my story to an editor for a manuscript review. Note the choice of the word “story”.  Not novel. Not its working title. Just a story. Now, self doubt and insecurities roost upon … Continue reading

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LAFL: Cut from Waterford

This is a flashback, cut from Love at First Lilt. Carly is remembering her mother, who died when she was a teenager. When Carly was twelve, there came the night of the first spring full moon. It was a crisp … Continue reading

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Twitter Authors – Jessica Estevao

I’m pleased to share this post announcing the release of Whispers Beyond the Veil by Jessica Estevao. In the world of writing, I have discovered authors that guide and support fledgling writers. Jessica is one of those people. I am … Continue reading

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Wkly Brief – It’s May in Bryant Park

For Carly Blake, its spring in NYC and she’s at Bryant Park getting some bad news from her beau. Looks like she’s might be going to Ireland alone. Bummer. Despite her set-backs, Carly should be flying to Ireland by the … Continue reading

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From NYC to Temple Bar

Last year I successfully participated in the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Then for the next ten months, the novel haunted me. It begged for more scenes, fewer words, more tension, deeper relationships. I loved the characters and couldn’t believe … Continue reading

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