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Leadership Clue(lessness)

In his article, 10 Reasons why Managers are Clueless about Leadership, Dan McCarthy states: “Most managers (and people) have no idea how they come across to others. …We tend to assess ourselves based on our intentions, while others assess us … Continue reading

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Weekly Brief – Lessons from Sub-Par Supervisors

  By garnering the leftover negative energy from doing my taxes, I was able to apply that energy toward documenting irritating supervisor behaviors to share with you. Long Meetings In one of my first jobs, I had a supervisor who held marathon staff … Continue reading

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Why Nelson Mandela Belongs on the Tabloid Rack

In the check-out line with other beat-the-storm shoppers, my eyes surreptitiously glanced past Miley’s scandals, Bieber’s drug busts, and Ellen’s cancer shocker1, when smile-squinted eyes arrested my no-longer-clandestine perusal. At first, ashamed to have been caught reading tawdry headlines, I … Continue reading

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Weekly Brief – What the Voice is Saying

(photo temporarily not available). Several years ago a supervisor told me that some of my coworkers felt overwhelmed by my effusiveness in meetings.  I left my supervisor’s office hurt and angry. Back at my desk, I wrote a less poetic, … Continue reading

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Be The Spark

The enemy is fear.  We think it is hate; but, it is fear. – Ghandi Recently, I’ve heard people compare the stigma of mental illness to the stigma faced by individuals with cancer.  Cancer and stigma; I never knew.  It … Continue reading

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