April Book Review – Funny You Should Ask by T. L. Matteson

FYSAFunny You Should Ask: A Diary of One Woman’s Breast Cancer Journey by Tracy L. Matteson is a straight-forward account of the author’s illness from the initial diagnosis to reconstructive surgery.  The long path walked by Ms. Matteson has each step unfolding in a logical, touching, and often humorous way.

Derived from a diary of the author’s experience and thus reflecting the patient’s perspective, Ms. Matteson’s nursing background adds a level of expertise not always found in journals.  When others might advise, Ms. Matteson just tells her story.  From that, the reader gets to travel a harrowing journey with the benefit of an optimistic storyteller.

For those who are battling breast cancer, I wonder, could this book be too much? Or will it be a gentle guide to help you through your own journey?  I’m not sure what the answer is to that question.  But for those who have a loved one battling breast cancer, I highly recommend you read this very personal account. It will help you understand what your loved one might have difficulty articulating.

For the candor, the optimism, and the courage of the story-teller, this book has made it to my Gold Medal page.

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