About Barbara Rath

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As I draw a picture of me, I want you to see a writer, a storyteller, a creative literary artist. But instead of writing, I run back and forth to the closet that poses is my server room, and attempt to coax a six year-old laptop to take over the role of print server for my 10 year-old PC that just kicked-the-bucket.

What I am and have been for most of my adult life is an information technologist. I love data, statistics and cool gadgets that should make me more efficient. After a many-year career where I somehow wound up a Director of Finance and Administration, I stepped down and went back to creating reporting systems and reports. Working with customers, helping them use data to become better at their jobs, is what I do. But writing was always my dream, and now, with the help of this web-site I have started My Writing Journey.

My optimism is what keeps me going. I’m called ‘Pollyanna’ by those who know me best. My posts will be blatantly hopeful and full of trust and faith. To the cynics of the world I recommend you avoid my site. It will annoy you. My naivete and lack of a realistic world view will make you want to scream; not to mention my frequent typos and grammatical errors. Please do us both a favor — find another site to read.

For those of you who enjoy a little hope in this sometimes bleak world, welcome. Perhaps here, you will find hope and a little inspiration.