From the Drug-Infested #NHDen

New Hampshire has a real problem. We call it the opioid crisis or the heroin epidemic. I’ve even seen the word “apocalypse” used. Our communities, health care workers, police, first responders, and families are working together to find solutions.  I won’t make light of the responsibilities they shoulder.

On the other hand, I do want to have a little fun with the whole “Drug-Infested Den” comment.  Let me share with you a few issues that citizens of New Hampshire face every day.

For example, just the other night, my husband was out in our car port, minding his own business, when this moth comes staggering in from nowhere, slams against the ceiling, and bam, lands on the roof our car.  My husband stared at the moth for a few seconds and, having assessed the situation and declared it safe, called for me to check out our nocturnal visitor. Not a wing fluttered. A half an hour later, he was still there, spaced out, and unmoving. “Let him sleep it off,” my husband said.

Sure enough, the intruder was gone in the morning.

True story.

What’s worse, check this photo out.

I swear these turkeys were organizing.

One day they’re running for the woods, the next they’re streaming over our rock wall and spilling into our gardens and onto our lawns, eating every grub in sight.

In the city of Concord, fences are being built,

and vandals take kids’ bicycles and destroy them,

 probably selling them for parts.

Despite the ferocity of our two dogs…

…we had to get another.

This one’s a watch dog.

So stay away, folks.

Give us time to get our house in order.

I think we’ll start in the den.


Addiction and suicide are serious issues.  If you’re in crisis, you can call the Suicide Hotline at 1800-273-8255. If a loved one is in trouble, NAMI, Alcoholics Anonymous, and Al-Anon Family Groups, are ready to offer help.

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  2. Pam Kelly says:

    Thanks for the lighthearted moment! These are few and far between recently, but badly needed.

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