Just Another Day

Today I am grateful for…

Apple Pie…my husband, who listens, even when I’m unreasonable.

…my son, who will create a happy holiday for others, first through his volunteerism, then through his work.

…my daughter, who despite being unable to spend the holiday as she had hoped, will share her weekend with friends who are far from their families.

…my extended family, which will always include my dearest friends, those with whom we share the day, and those “over the river and through the woods”.

I am grateful for a warm home, for pen and paper, for prayer and quiet reflection.

I am thankful for eyes opening to the larger world, where for many, family and friends, small comforts of a soft chair for a brief rest, or a glass of clear, clean water; where happiness and gratitude, health and safety, are often just out of reach.

For many people, Thanksgiving is just another day.

So, while I laugh and dine with family and friends, while I thank God for my blessings, I will remember my friends and neighbors who are lonely, or cold, or hungry, or angry, or sad, and I will pray for them on this day of gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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Enjoy reading, writing, hiking, hangin' with family, friends and my dogs, watching soccer (Go Breakers), baseball, football. Favorite foods are coffee, chocolate, and artichokes. Always thinking of new stuff to do and then not doing it.
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  1. Joan Whitesell says:

    Love this! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Love, Joan.

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