Leaving Killarney

A quick update for those that follow Toss the Typewriter. Please don’t give up on me.  I’ll be back soon. Balancing a full-time job with writing has been a challenge.

DSC_0437I’m mid-way through my first draft of my second novel. It’s a love story set in Ireland. While I won’t reveal the plot, here’s where my protagonist has traveled:

  • November: Software engineer, Carly Blake, works in New York City near Bryant Park. We meet her in May as she finishes off a project and gets ready for a long anticipated vacation with her soon-to-be fiance. It is with great disappointment that my Bryant Park scene is one of ‘my darlings’ I’ve had to cut. Maybe I can fit it in somehow…
  • December: The only snowflakes we’ve had in our area are the ones associated with the Snowflake Method, which I used to outline Carly’s story and for character development. Plus, I wrote a the pivotal scene (a romance within a romance) that happens about two-thirds through, which upends Carly’s plans.

Dublin, Ireland

  • January: It’s touring day one for Carly. She flies to Dublin and joins her tour. She visits Trinity College, sees the Book of Kells, the Famine Memorial, and orders tea (really? tea?) at a Dublin Pub.
  • February: On her second day in Ireland, Carly travels to Glendelough, New Ross and Waterford. She misses the New Ross tour to spend her time up the hill at the newly refurbished New Ross library.
  • March: It’s the third day in Ireland. Carly travels to Cobh and finishes the day with night fishing in Killarney. Again she skips out on the regular attractions to follow her own path. The other tourists wonder why she never joins them.
  • April’s goals: Carly’s fourth and fifth days will be spent in Killarney visiting the Ring of Kerry, Shannon, and Galway. Let’s see whether I can get through two days in one month.

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