Distraction Gratitude

Across the earth, folks are feverishly adding words to their novels in order to meet the 50,000 word goal of the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). There are many that will make the goal, and others that will go on to sell their novels, hoping that you and I will buy a copy and write a great review on Good Reads.

Then there are the people like me. I entered the month with barely an outline, exhausted from a commitment-crazy October. But I set my NaNoWriMo goals anyway, and am pleased to say, I have met all but one goal.

I wrote short stories from my graduate program, including two, which might be publishable. I exercised (until I sprained my ankle last week), I tweeted daily encouragement for other WriMos, and worked full-time on my critical project at work. Most important, I hung out with my family. I visited with new friends (though I miss my long-time friends), I’ve hung curtains, pictures, transferred old VHS movies to DVDs, watched river otters swim, and turkeys fly.


And I’ve written 28,848 words. Perhaps my words will grow to 30,000 by tomorrow. If they don’t, it’s because I’m spending my day today with my daughter, and my son and I talked on the phone, and I walked in my yard (a feat in itself as I heal from that sprain). If my words don’t grow, it’s because I’ve called a friend, ordered Christmas gifts for my husband, played with my dogs.


Whatever it is that distracts me today and tomorrow; whatever it is that keeps me from making this last 50,000 word NaNoWriMo goal, I am grateful.

For it is the distractions: the people, nature, pets, world events–both wonderful and sad–that enrich a writer’s work.

So today, thank you all for being my distraction!

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