Wkly Brief – A Mite Bit of Trouble

rodgersiaSeveral years ago, my husband and I moved to a new home. Over the months as we settled our furniture and explored our surroundings, we uncovered garden after garden, rich with lilies, hydrangea, yucca, and a personal favorite, ligularia dentata dark beauty (above).

But I’m not a gardener.  I was the child that ran screaming from spiders, who whined when weeding, and who sneezed at lilacs and peonies.

Now though, it is only me that stands between this:


and this:

IMG_0078and I have none of the knowledge or skills to protect these lovely gardens.

A visit from Melody of Rivet Landscaping will hopefully save my remaining plants. With the main clue being spider webs, Melody used a magnifying glass to show me the mites ransacking my garden. Apparently they have a liking for the plant shown above, which for the life of me I cannot name. They’re also making short work of some celosia I recently added, taking it down stalk by stalk.

Ladybugs, NH’s official state insect, are one method of fighting the mites. As we walked the yard, we found a ladybug on a weed, far from the troubled garden. She (or he) was relocated to the besieged area.  The other solution is Neem Oil, which you can learn about at many online sites.

I’ll be trying both and will let you know how it goes.  In the meantime, can anybody out there tell me the name of the plant?

By the way, for my regular readers…it’s great to be back!







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