About Your Child’s Doll…

Teddy Bear DollsThe geek inside of me is fascinated by the new Hello Barbie® unveiled in New York City this year. The security-conscious me finds it eerily like the Twilight Zone or a horror movie.

I’d be interested in hearing what you think about Hello Barbie® , and how you feel about kids and social media in general.

But first, a word from Mattel…

Read more regarding toy security at Network World.

And whatever you do, if you decide to spring for this toy, create a unique, strong password, and diligently protect your child.

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3 Responses to About Your Child’s Doll…

  1. Pam kelly says:

    Oh, boy, there goes whatever imagination might still be possible playing with a doll, even a Barbie doll! Arrrrgh!

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