Wkly Brief – Mental Health Awareness

BFMHWinters are difficult for many people with mental illnesses. This article about Teen and Young Adult Suicide was a reminder that there are many who struggle daily.

Below is a post I wrote during Mental Health Awareness week. I thought it might be time to think about those who need are help.

If you are struggling with depression or considering suicide, please contact the USA Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1 (800) 273-8255.

Toss the Typewriter

Recently, in reading an article pointing out a Data Visualization error1, I came across a chart that compared the amount collected through social media’s Ice Bucket Challenge to the amounts collected for other “diseases that kill us”.

This chart stayed with me for two reasons:

First, it demonstrates how easy it is to produce a chart that completely misrepresents data.  For example, in my data table below, two out of three of the data points are equal each year.  In the chart I selected, although the length of each bar is correct, the volume makes it appear as though one data point is larger than the other.

Poor Chart Based on Abraham Lincoln’s quote.

The second and more important reason the chart stayed with me, was because Suicide was included in the list of deadly diseases. Suicide prevention’s typical fundraising walk, was ranked at the very bottom for charitable donations.

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