Wkly Brief – A Year of Twitter Authors

FYSAOver the past year, my Twitter Authors page has spot-lighted more than 60 titles written by authors that follow me on Twitter.  The books that I have read from the list have been entertaining, informative, and enjoyable. It has been a wonderful experience to read the works from many of these lesser-known authors. Among my favorites were:

  • Mystery: Live Free or Die: A Granite State Mystery by Jessie Crockett (@JessieCrockett)
  • Women’s Fiction: Equilibrium by Lorrie Thomson (@LorrieThomson)
  • Thriller: Dangerous Denial by Amy Ray (@WriterAmyRay)
  • Novel: After by Kristin Waterfield Duisberg (@KristinDuisberg) –  See July 2014’s Book Review
  • Memoir: Funny You Should Ask: A Diary of One Woman’s Breast Cancer Journey by Tracy L. Matteson (@tlmatteson77)
  • Historical Fiction: Secret of the Sands by Sara Sheridan  (@sarasheridan)

I have more than 150 more titles queued up for you.. This month, there are five new titles on my Twitter Author page. Please consider selecting one to read.

If you are an author, follow me on Twitter (@brathhoover) and at some point in the future, you will be mentioned on this web-site.

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