Wkly Brief – Windows 8.1 Wireless Rant

I thought about writing an Ode to Windows 8.1, but I have already wasted enough time uninstalling and reinstalling wireless connections, because Windows 8.1 has a ‘glitch’.  Just a tiny little thing that you can research and find solutions to on the internet, IF YOU COULD GET ON THE INTERNET, because that’s the glitch.  Wireless just stops working. No reason. Today it works. Tomorrow it doesn’t. It sees our wireless router. I can connect from my primary laptop. But Windows 8.1 laptops: they decide when and if you should go on the Internet.

It happened once on my Surface, which has Windows 8.1, and now two times on my husband’s Lenevo laptop. Seems like every night I come home from work and get to do computer repairs.  EVERY NIGHT.  I’m ready to pull an “Office Space” on his laptop.

Love this movie, but taken out of context this scene is rather harsh…

We have seven pages of instructions on how to fix this Windows 8.1 problem. I fixed mine with a simple uninstall, and find new hardware. My husband has to use five out of seven of the pages to get his to work. Thank goodness, my primary laptop still uses Windows 7. Oops, I misspoke. I’m on Vista. Pretty sure support for that won’t last much longer.

Obviously internet connectivity is a low priority for Microsoft. So should I upgrade, it was nice knowing you. I’ll see you all again on the far-side of Window 8.

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