Why Does Physical Inactivity Drain Human Brain Power?

My college degree was in Recreation Administration. As a young professional working in Parks and Recreation, for the YMCA, and then for a private, non-profit child care and senior center, I saw the benefits of activity and play. This post promotes activity and discusses its impact on creativity, innovation and cognitive abilities. Just a little activity can reap great benefits.

In this beautiful season, I hope you will find time to get active: to play, to laugh, and to have fun.

Current Medical Research

Humans throughout the ages have realized that physical activity leads to creative thinking, new ideas, innovation, and optimum cognitive function. Modern neuroscience has confirmed that moving your body boosts brain power. On the flip side, being physically inactive drains your brain power. This is a universal and timeless phenomenon for people of all ages.

We are no different from our human ancestors. Our bodies are designed to move every day. Unfortunately, our bodies and minds may be short-circuiting in a digital age that by its very nature promotes a lack of daily physical activity.

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