Wkly Brief – Day 12 and Throttling Back

It’s nearing midnight on the ninth day of the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). I have joined hundreds of zillions of people throughout the world by pledging to write 50,000 words in November, with the hopeful side benefit of having a first draft of a novel.


And oh, I am so tired and bummed out. For tomorrow I have to be out the door by 5:30 AM to go into Boston for a conference. There will be no writing tomorrow . That means no stolen kisses, no intrigue, no misunderstandings. Just a conference to learn about customer service metrics. Ah well.

Tonight though, I hit 33,410 words. For fellow WriMo’s here’s the two tips that have kept me going:

  1. It’s okay to stop for a day and regroup, replot, meet and greet your characters.
  2. I still struggle with self-editing. I have to continuously remind myself to get the concept down. STOP EDITING. JUST WRITE.  Sketch, sketch, sketch.  I can contour and color later.

Other NaNoWriMo moments:

  • Scrivener saves the day.  On Monday, I used my two hours before my real job to rework my whole plot.  That night I typed all of my notes into scenes in Scrivener and my word count jumped by 4,000. One of my best days, and now my plot is tighter and my characters are doing all the right (and of course, all the wrong) things.
  • But real life is starting to get in the way. Evening meetings, social life, veterinary appointments demand attention and are welcome distractions. It makes it difficult to maintain the 2,700+ words per day average. But my goals is to hit 50,000 before Thanksgiving so that the rest of my writing is gravy (and Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes).
  • Best of all, I really think I’m going to finish this story. And then I’m going to clean it up until the sentences sing.

I’m even starting to think about rounding up some Beta readers.

But that could be my exhaustion speaking.

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