Wkly Brief – Foreshadowing Challenge

Hi folks –

My apologies for this post. I had no opinions to express or thoughts of the day, so I decided to see what the Daily Post Challenge had to offer.  The challenge was to “Write a new poem, story, post, or piece of flash fiction that contains an element of foreshadowing.” Well my story started with a tree, and it took a terrible turn (there’s a little foreshadowing for you).

So if you read my blog because my posts are generally good-natured and optimistic, here’s a pretty picture:

???????????????????????????????Now I suggest you move on to another blog that is more uplifting.  For those of you determined to go on, I warned you…

This fictional story was published online by The Scarlet Leaf Review (August 2018). My thanks to the editors for honoring my work!

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40 Responses to Wkly Brief – Foreshadowing Challenge

  1. abbymorales says:

    Flash fiction can be difficult. To pack a solid last punch is an art. You did a good job with that punch. Cassius Clay would be proud – that is, whether the man appreciated literature. Happy writing!

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  3. quattrohands says:

    I liked this as well; sometimes going where we don’t want to go is the best place to go.

  4. growhort says:

    A great read stumbled across whilst browsing

  5. Nida S. says:

    This was believable and heartfelt. That’s all you really need for something to be real. Well done!

  6. Reblogged this on pembemucize and commented:
    Burda saatlerce gezmek süper olurdu

  7. That brought a jolt to my system. Wasn’t quite ready for the ending. Well written little piece 🙂

  8. Trees are one of our natural resouces
    They help us breath

    P.s This is a good picture btw

  9. Povonte says:

    Truly enjoyed this article.

  10. rhicony says:

    I like this a lot.

  11. Reblogged this on tonytestwakwak and commented:
    Lovely post, thought I should share

  12. imaspupah55 says:

    beautifull!! 🙂

  13. Enjoyed this. Very well done!

  14. quarilas says:

    At first I thought you might talk about a Sweet Gum tree, scientifically known as liquidambar, but that just shows you that my botany class has mildly taken over my life.
    Anyways that was a wonderful flash fiction story, if a bit morbid.

  15. Chua Han Au says:

    Beautifully elucidated.
    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  16. Reblogged this on In the gaze of the other and commented:
    No apologies necessary. Life, like writing sometimes, is painful and messy.

  17. gillybirds says:

    Loved this. Glad it was fiction not fact. 🙂

  18. That was great actually!

  19. petiteandprettyco says:

    wow great post and congratz!

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