Lost Souls of Video Games

Are you as excited as I am about the new Disney Infinity console video game? Joy oh joy, now our female children will want to stare at their computers, laptops, ThinkPads at the same rate as our male children.  Now that is something to cheer about.

Disney’s Infinity game, which allows their characters to interact on-screen, has hit the four-quadrant property mark.  According to Business Insider, “A four-quadrant property is when something appeals to young people, old people, females, and males.” For those of you who are gamblers rather than gamers, that’s like the Triple Crown of video game sales, only I guess it would be called the Quadrant Crown, which sounds pretty awesome.

Honestly though, I don’t know whether to cheer or to cry.  The part that wants to cheer is that which finds the news about death threats to game developers and journalists appalling. To those who threaten I say, “take that you trolls”.  Some people think female gamers, developers, writers are worth pursuing (in a positive way).  The part that wants to cry is that which understands that video games are one more way for those with addiction in their health histories to get lost to the world.

Bottom line , if addiction is in your background, it is a daily struggle to prevent a healthy, pleasure-producing pursuit from becoming a compulsion. Toss on top a little depression or anxiety, and it amazes me what a person battling addiction has to overcome.

Despite research indicating that “key factors that influence susceptibility to addiction [include a] person’s genetic makeup, vulnerability to stress, and the age they start engaging in the behavior” (BrainFacts.org), today I’ve decided to celebrate Disney’s success at addressing the gender disparity in the gaming industry. As an IT professional, I am pleased that women’s interests are being addressed by the video game industry. Maybe, games geared at females will inspire young women to pursue careers in IT.

But then again, my children are grown.  I don’t have a ten-year old child with a genetic predisposition to addiction.  The question is, do you?

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