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Suppose you want your news, but you just don’t have time to surf all day.  You could try PopURLs, a site that aggregates all of the top social media stories in real time.  You can run through the latest Huffington Post articles or check out what’s trending in YouTube.  For example yesterday I found two ever-popular stars performing together: Jimmy Fallon and Barbara Striesand.  Lovely.


At PopURLs, you will find Buzzfeed, Googlenews, and the N.Y. Times one page.  The Flicker and 500px photos break up the lists of headlines with stunning photos. They are literally at your fingertips (take that Weird Al, I used literally in the proper way).


But today, I got to thinking, what if I don’t even have time for PopUrls.  What if I want all of my news in a single sound-bite: concise and on point.  I don’t need to understand the stories. I just need enough to start a conversation.  You know, like, “So, I see Apple is making headlines again.” Badda boom, badda bing, the conversation is rolling.

I thought,what if I used my techie tip for grabbing web data,and turned all of the news on a single page into a Word Cloud?

Just for fun, yesterday, I grabbed a page of data, parsed out all of the non-newsworthy words (i.e. a, the, to, of, in, and for, on is with, new, and so on).  Then, with only the real news words left, I threw the list into a Word Cloud generator, and just for you, here is the real deal: a one-stop shopping news outlet with all you need to know to get through the day.

Top 50 Words In the News, September 16, 2014 6:15 PM

PopURL Word Cloud 2014-09-16

I think I might be onto something here…


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