2014-09-Attitash (23) Gratitude has taken over Facebook.  I wonder how difficult it must be to list three things daily for which you are grateful. How do you decide what goes on day one and what waits until later? Do people fret over what they should list first? Are they afraid to offend someone?

Last night I was speaking with some friends about gratitude and how living life with gratitude is a choice. Their words made me realize that I had been harboring anger with someone who was not living a life of gratitude, but rather was choosing resentment. How sad for both of us, first for the person who, in choosing resentment, is unhappy and bitter; but also for me, who had let this unhappiness seep into my own life.

My friends reminded me to choose gratitude. And so today I share with you some of the many things for which I am grateful.

  1. I am grateful that God is the center of my life.
  2. I am grateful that He has given me flaws and challenges that I must overcome.
  3. I am grateful that He has allowed me many years of sharing a loving relationship with my husband.
  4. I am grateful that He has blessed our marriage with two children who daily teach me to how to be a better person, who bring me joy, who understand me.
  5. He has given me a large extended family who enrich my life with their wisdom and love. For these people, I am grateful:
    1. Brothers and sisters (in-laws and in-blood)
    2. Nieces and nephews
    3. Cousins, Aunts and Uncles
  6. God has taken so my of my loved ones to be with him. I am grateful that they are together and that they, with Him, look after me.
  7. He has given me friends who stand by me through all of my weirdness. For that I am grateful.
  8. I thank God for surrounding me with so much of His beautiful creation.
  9. God has brought my dogs into my life to comfort me and make me laugh.
  10. I am grateful that I am free to attend the Church of my choice.

I don’t know why some people are starving or suffering from physical or mental illness. I don’t understand why some nations are terrorized and others live in relative peace.  I doesn’t make sense that some children are impoverished or beaten and in the next apartment their schoolmates are eating an evening meal with loving parents. These disparities confuse me.

But my lack of gratitude will not bring parity. So I will express my thanks today, and I will pray daily for peace and goodwill throughout this earth we share.

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