The Pet of a Lifetime: I’ve Had One…Have You?

As a dog lover and an SNL fan (more Cowbell), I truly enjoyed this post by Jenny Hansen. Ms. Hansen shares the lessons learned from her beloved pet. Enjoy!

Jenny Hansen's Blog

Since it was National Dog Day this week, I’m celebrating the pet who rocked my lifetime. Have you had one of those? The kind of pet who’s a member of the family, and who is mourned long after they’re gone?

Hoshi was everything a dog should be: loyal, loving, sweet-tempered, funny. She totally laughed at my jokes and she was around for all my big “life milestones.”

And then one day, 17 days after my daughter was born, Hoshi let me know it was time to go. There are so many up sides to pet ownership, but the biggest downside in my opinion is their short life span.

They will always go before we do.Dammit.

Hoshi lived a stupendously long life for a 90 pound dog; she was fourteen-and-a-half years old when she left to frolic in that Puppy Lake in the Sky.

It’s never easy to say goodbye to a…

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  1. Jenny Hansen says:

    Oh my goodness…thank you, Barbara! I love sharing Hoshi with others. Best. Dog. Ever. 🙂

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