Bad Karaoke, Beautiful Souveniers

Campground KaraokeDoes anyone have an antidote to bad karaoke?  If so, please let me know what it is, for it is currently disturbing my ability to write.

I shouldn’t complain. I am fortunate enough to live on a lake; yet here I am, complaining.  Across the water is a campground and tonight is karaoke night.  I swear the speakers have been placed on the beach and are facing our home so that we can hang on every unintelligible and flat syllable that is uttered.

There is no age limit. The ten-year-old who knows every word from the Frozen soundtrack is given what I am sure is a standing ovation. She is followed by country, a lullaby, and a very strange rendition of Sonny and Cher’s “Babe”.  At least I know all of those words, so if I sing really loud, perhaps I can drown out the ear-splitting voices across the lake.

Truly though, I am smiling as I write this. I think of the families, enjoying their time together.  I can see the little girl, still dirty from digging in the sand, her face sun-red, dreaming of being a princess who rescues the world.  I listen to the lullaby and imagine a father, meeting his child’s eyes, and singing in public their special song.  And I picture a giggly set of older newlyweds shouting Babe and laughing their way through the 70’s song.

At 11:00 it will grow quiet at the campground.  Murmurs around the campfires will be accentuated by laughter and sighs and children will fall asleep, heads to their parents chest, listening to the words vibrating behind ribcages.  The families across the lake will have added another page to their scrapbooks of memories.

When I was a teenager, Billy Joel recorded one of my favorite songs, Souveniers.  Perhaps tonight I should take a set of speakers, place them in a window, and just as all goes quiet across the way, play them Billy Joel’s lovely song.  It would be just a little reminder that the memories that they are making today will be their most permanent souveniers tomorrow.

I will not send this song across the lake tonight.  Instead, I share it with you.  I hope you enjoy this song as much as I always have.

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2 Responses to Bad Karaoke, Beautiful Souveniers

  1. Pamela Kelly says:

    Oh, yes, the way sound travels over water…. On our lake, luckily the campgrounds don’t have power hookups, so this kind of “entertainment” is not possible. However, there is the occasional party at a resident’s camp or home where the (mostly) drunken participants try their skills at the karaoke mike. Trust me, inebriated singers think they are truly talented and have NO idea that their caterwauling is in an entirely different key from the recorded music they believe they are accompanying. And, of course, the speakers are in front of them, aimed out at the audience, so they have no chance of hearing their own tortured renditions (not that they care). Since this happens every six years or seven years, it’s mostly amusing. At least your singers were genuinely trying to produce pleasing sounds and you can imagine their collective fun without wincing. You have a great attitude and that will carry you through!

    • Barbara Rath says:

      Thanks Pam. As I was trying to write about a different topic I could not concentrate, so I just started venting on paper and a new post was born. I appreciate your taking time to comment!

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