NYC Revisited

NYCI have had the privilege of assisting my daughter as she seeks an apartment, a lifestyle, a home, in New York City.  It is a daunting, overwhelming task. We have not found the place she will call home yet, but wherever it is I am pleased to say she will be surrounded by many supportive, kind people.  From the moment we have arrived in this amazing city, we have been greeted with people who will stop and listen, and then who respond with information, advice, and a “it’s no bother at all” attitude. Several examples:

  • Checking in at our hotel, Cheryl at the main desk spent five minutes talking to us about apartment hunting and then told us to stop by on our way out and she’d have a list of neighborhoods to visit.
  • At Zona Rosa in East Williamsburg, right off the L, the waitress spoke with us about moving from Georgia to enjoy NYC. The restaurant, food, and outdoor rooftop restaurant was a delight; the waitress even more delightful.
  • At we transferred from train to train, I mistakenly asked directions to the Red line.  Oops, that would be Boston terminology.  I received confused expressions, until a woman on the street smiled and said, “to find those trains, take your next left and then keep walking until you get to a large office building.”  Right on spot. Thank you to our unknown benefactor.

I know that not all experiences in large cities go well, but for us, we leave behind a city that we have grown to respect and love. Thanks NYC!

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  1. Pamela Kelly says:

    I was born in NYC many years ago, at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Greenwich Village, and still retain a soft spot in my heart for the place, despite how much it has changed. I am so pleased to hear that your experience was such a positive one, but I am not totally surprised. In my travels I have often encountered tourists who are–shall we say–less than gracious. Demanding, imperious, cranky, impatient, and entitled, in fact. Unsurprisingly, they encounter rude responses from staff and service workers, and then conclude that the people of (fill in the blank with whatever location comes to mind) are unfriendly and hostile. This is truly a case of you-get-what-you-give. No doubt you were courteous and respectful in your requests for information, then grateful for any help you received. When people are treated well, they are inclined to respond in kind. My thanks to you for being such a good ambassador from NH to the people of NYC!

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