Dad’s Legacy


With gratitude, I remember my father:

Dad, thank you for daffodils.  They blossomed alongside us when we talked on our concrete steps, feeling the breeze as the sun sent pink and orange rays across green hills.

Thank you for birch trees with their dancing green leaves and white bark backdrop for wedding and family photos

Thank you for laughing. You taught language and wit at the dinner table.  You introduced me to Laugh-in, Flip Wilson, Carol Burnett, SNL in its glorious infancy, and Monty Python. You laughed with your whole soul. From you, I learned the beauty of crinkled eyes formed from a lifetime of smiles and laughter.

Thank you for teaching me the meaning of the word ‘integrity’. Long before it became popular to describe a leader as being authentic, you had taught me the meaning of integrity in relationships, work and personal.

Thank you for loving children. When I see a family enjoying the antics of a young child, I think of you with your grandchildren.

Thank you for teaching me to love the first snowfall, chickadees, waves cresting and crashing on sand, calls of loons across a still lake, a fire in a fireplace, and a good book.

Thank you for talking to me about priorities and for letting me cry in your arms when my best friend died.

Thank you for teaching me about God and everlasting life.

For all of these things, thank you Dad.


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  1. A beautiful tribute to your dad!

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