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Bees and FlowersIn April 2011, I pushed out my first post.  At that time the site was called “My Creative To Do List”.  One or two posts followed, but I wondered why I was writing.  What do I have to say that anybody would want to read?

It wasn’t until December 2013, that I found the courage to write regularly.  Then on December 7, 2013, Toss the Typewriter was born and the tagline “Appreciate the past; Live the present; Anticipate the future” became searchable.  I still wondered what to write about, but I figured, perhaps my blog and I could grow together  to understand what the message should be.

Today, I can honestly announce to all of my readers, that after a full six months of blogging regularly, I still have no idea what Toss the Typewriter is about.  But I have come to accept, that this not knowing, this weekly flitting from flower to flower for a honey of an idea, is okay.  Sometimes I write about writing; other times about mental health issues; often about memories and observations. But always, I write with gratitude.

So today, on my six-month anniversary of getting serious about writing, I extend my gratitude to you who take the time to visit my site.  For other bloggers, I have a gift for you. Below are some of the titles for posts that I never wrote.  Maybe these titles will serve as a writing prompt for you.  If so, please let me know when your post is published. I’d love to read it!

My going-to-the-graveyard titles include:

  • Stress and Recharging
  • Effective Leadership and Neuroscience
  • Copyrights – Laws Without Borders
  • Gift Giving at Work
  • Bank Privacy Laws
  • Fear, Risk and Creativity

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