Wkly Brief – Idol Homecoming

Northwood Meadows, NH State Park

Northwood Meadows, NH State Park

American Idol’s Alex Preston (@RealAlexPreston), during his May 2014 hometown visit to New Hampshire, mentioned missing his family, friends, girlfriend, and “[Even] the air”.1  He is so right. Even the air in New Hampshire is idyllic.

Several years ago, we took a trip to the South Carolina seashore. Our girls collecting seashells, and read in the sun while the scents of coconut and salt saturated our senses leaving us relaxed and sun-sleepy. But it was only after the long drive home, when we stepped from the car and gazed up through tall, top-heavy spruces at the star-sparkled night; when we breathed deeply the pine-scented air, that we felt wrapped in the comfort of home.

Using every sense, what evokes home for you?  Here’s my answer:

NH Poem

1) Foster’s Sunday Citizen, Dover, NH (May 11, 2014), N.H.’s Idol goes back to school, Nick Stoico, pages A1 and A6.

2) Johnson’s Seafood and Steak.

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  1. litadoolan says:

    I’m glad the American Idol has such a calm home town to balance the heady heights of fame!

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