Wkly Brf – Unachievable Balance

Wisdom and Laughs by Osmosis

Wisdom and Laughs by Osmosis

On Tuesday, I listened to philanthropist and humanitarian, Renata Mutis Black, discuss the challenge she faced balancing her personal and professional lives. She suggested that balance was like having “two guests in my home”, both of whom need and deserve her best.

As the radio host enthusiastically agreed, I wondered where I went wrong.  I would love to balance the needs of two guests. Perhaps one would like coffee and the other tea.  I can do that!  Maybe one would like to go for an early morning walk and the other prefers an evening of many movies.  I’ll make that happen too!

My problem is, I have eight to ten guests and not only do these folks have different needs, they don’t even metaphorically like each other.  They battle each other for time and attention.  Maybe if I only had four guests: perhaps work, family, friends, and my dogs; perhaps I could balance that. 

But I’ve thrown in meetings, volunteerism, phone appointments, and a constant barrage of doctors, doctors, doctors.  I have gotten to the point where if I make plans, I know that there is a 38.9% chance they will be canceled (okay, I made that number up).

clockI wish my next words were sage advice and words of wisdom. But no; instead I am just ruminating on my inability to tame time. Time has always been my most fiercely protected resource; a precious commodity. I account for every hour, every moment, like a miser counting pennies on a rickety wooden table under a flickering candle.

I like to think that the best of my time goes to God and my family, with friends and work close behind.  But as each year passes life becomes more complicated, and blissful balance feels just out of reach.

But it is when I feel truly out of control, that I remind myself, that all of this nuttiness, this running, this unending list of things to do, only happens because my life is filled with people and events that bring a fullness and happiness to my life. When I remember this fact, time slows down just a tiny bit, I can breathe, and I can pretend there are only two guests needing my attention and they both want for nothing.

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2 Responses to Wkly Brf – Unachievable Balance

  1. Pam says:

    It’s tempting to think of balance as dealing with two opposing forces, as on a see-saw. Makes a pretty picture and is easy to envision. I agree, though, that this is an unrealistic picture of the lives of most of us who answer to many calls. Rather, it is like being in the middle of a trampoline with a group of people jumping around the edges, at different times and tempos. Try to keep your balance then! So sometimes, just letting go and sitting down is the best strategy. The bumps are gentler and easier to manage, and eventually people notice you are not trying to stay standing and they either stop bouncing or sit down with you. Then you can enjoy the ride……..

    • Barbara Rath says:

      I enjoyed your trampoline analogy. Not only is it apt, but very humorous. I could see the shoes and handbags flying around as the bouncing continued. The next time life gets a bit wacky, I’m going to remember this. I hope you enjoy your day.

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