Reading Round-Up: March 2014

Copyright J. Salmon Ltd., Sevenoaks, Kent, England ©

Copyright J. Salmon Ltd., Sevenoaks, Kent, England © (Circa 1970)

How quickly a month has passed since last posting my a “Reading Round-up”. First I want to start by sending a hearty THANK YOU out to all who are reading my blog and giving me ideas for enhancing my website.  Thank you all!

Here are the changes to my website this month:

  • Keep Reading has been updated with three “in progress” books and brief reviews of the books read last month.  My longer March Review of Quiet by Susan Cain has been also posted.


  • There is a new streamed-lined menu, making it easier to use the links at the top of my website to navigate.
  • In response to a request to keep the book titles coming, I have added a new section to the Gold Medal List.  It honors books that didn’t make my Gold Medal List, but they are so well-written that they might get the Gold from you.
  • Read a book from the Twitter Authors Archives, and then write a book review to be published on this website.  You can send me your review by Weighing in Here. Scroll to the bottom of that page, and you can participate in a Poll to find out whether you want more reviews to be published.
  • To help your favorite Authors out, help them publicize their books by following these Writers in the Storm tips.

One last thing: if you find a broken link on my website, please let me know by sending me a comment.  I want to make sure that your experience is a pleasant one.

Thanks again for your encouragement!


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2 Responses to Reading Round-Up: March 2014

  1. Francesca Maria says:

    Sorry, I meant in “SICILY”. In the continent people do read, even though not so much as they should, according to a study.

  2. Francesca Maria says:

    I love reading! It’s a shame that here in Italy reading is not a popular pastime, many houses don’t even have a book or magazine. Thanks to the internet though Sicilian children are now exposed to information which they wouldn’t have had before. The older generation though is not interested.

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