To Read or To Write…That is the Question!

JChangeust a quick note to let  you know about all of the content changes on my website.

Keep Reading gets updated monthly with my list of “in progress” books.

Each month I will review a book. My first two reviews are out, and while both books were thoroughly enjoyed, my critiquing was pretty weak.  I hope to grow in this area so that you can trust my recommendations. If you want to watch me grow, my first two reviews are Sisters by Rosamund Lupton and A Dog Named Christmas by Greg Kincaid.

Twitter Authors is a new section.  I hope to highlight hard-working, but perhaps lesser-known authors and give them a shout-out.  I invite you to read their books, and let me know if you liked them.  Each month, I’ll choose a Twitter author’s book to read. Maybe we’ll find a book before it becomes the next NY Times Bestseller!

And if you have read about me already, I have added a section with my blog posting schedule.  But let me save you time – – I’ll be posting on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Thanks for tuning in…


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  1. Francesca Maria says:

    I’m glad that you will be reviewing books. Here in Sicily we are a “bit” behind times so I don’t know what books are being published. Have a nice Sunday!

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