Weekly Brief – Relief for Caregiver Stress

Blog For Mental HealthThere are mornings when you wake up and you are too tired to get out of bed.  There are nights when you are so tired, you cannot go to bed. The television is a balm to your exhaustion. It saves you from thinking, from worrying, from obsessing.

I need to work to pay the bills; I need to work to maintain insurance.  But I cannot work today; I’m needed at home. What if I’m fired?

You care for your aging parent, your young child with a disability, your spouse battling mental illness. Love, anger, resentment, anxiety, exhaustion swirl until the vortex has you gasping for breath.

Cloud Formation NH

There are places to turn for help and support. With just a few clicks and the courage to make a telephone call, you can be connected with others who understand and can help.

Footnote: This is not an endorsement of the organizations listed.

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