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Recently, I discovered Volunteer NH’s web site, a United Way1 affiliated organization that communicates volunteer opportunities throughout the State.  I signed up for their Twitter feed and had the tweets sent to my cell phone.  Over the past several weeks, there have been tweets asking for lifeline installers, hospital volunteers, after school tutors, youth mentors, wildlife leaders, event organizers and Microsoft Excel support. Opportunities are single day events, or a regular commitment. There are so many needs, that if you want to volunteer, sooner or later you will see a perfect match for your interests and skills. 

NH Volunteers is not funded by the United Way, but I found that the United Way is affiliated with similar volunteer sites throughout the United States.  To sign up for your region’s Tweets, follow these steps:

  1. Go to www.unitedway.org
  2. In the gray bar along the top, type in your zip code.
  3. Look for “Volunteer” in the menu.  I found it under “Take Action”
  4. Find the Twitter icon, click it, and then click “Follow”.

In conducting this research, I also found www.volunteermatch.org, www.volunteerguide.org2, and various government sites devoted to marketing volunteer opportunities.  But it was the Twitter feed at the Volunteer NH site that makes the opportunities so accessible.

Hallie, a Therapy Dog, volunteers with the author.

Hallie, a Therapy Dog, volunteers with the author.


  1. This is not an endorsement of the United Way or its affiliates
  2. This is not an endorsement of these sites

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