Weekly Brief – Seeking Change

The first of January:  a day of resolutions; a day for change.  What will the New Year mean to you? Are you making a resolution to start the year with a major change?

Are you ready? 

Are those closest to you willing to help?  If not, have you found a support system?  Have you considered the pros and cons of the change?  Even a healthy change has a cost – – otherwise, it would be easy.

Changing for Good by Prochaska, Norcross and DiClemente*, explains the six-stages of change.  The focus of the book is on “overcoming bad habits and moving your life positively forward.”  Although the focus is on overcoming bad habits, it is also a valuable resource for how to make healthy changes.  And if you care about others who are attempting major life changes, reading this book will help you to support them in their efforts.

Some ideas that have worked for me in the past:  1) Write down the reasons why you are making the change and place it where you will see it daily.  2) Create a healthy reward system, and 3) Prepare for what you will do if you mess up.  Are you ready to forgive yourself and start again?

May your New Year be filled with sought after change and great opportunities!



* Changing for Good, by James O. Prochaska, PH.D., John C. Norcross, PH.D., Carlo C. DiClemente, PH.D; First Collins paperback edition published 1995.  This book is available through other retailers other than the one accessed through the link. This link is not intended to endorse the retailer.

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