Weekly Brief – Poetry’s Sonnet


Shall poetry be no more a part of life?
When rhyming fairies sent childhood head to pillow?
When youthful scrawls of Milne and Masefield were rife
And poems of love and loss once left words to sow?

Though gray skies and flora called and left subjects spurned,
As surely as childhood slipped quietly from its berth,
Teachers summoned me back and my lectures learned:
No more Dylan’s dying light; Adieu to Wordsworth.

The poets, shelved and displayed throughout my home,
Like Wangero’s quilts, not for everyday use.1
But day leads to decade: creates life’s palindrome.
Now Khayyám lies open with old age’s excuse.

Notes and books filed too long in drawers oh so deep,
Shall bless my years’ journey, with Frost’s words of sleep.

By Barbara Rath Hoover (04/15/2015)

  1. Everyday Use, by Alice Walker

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New York City Moments

Pre-Wedding Photos at the NYC Library

When I am open to the experience, New York City surprises my senses. The spring sun slips between buildings to kiss my cheeks and bright yellow daffodils dance in light breezes that waft the fragrance of bold-blue hyacinths across my path. Continue reading

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Weekly Brief – Reading Round-up

FYSAMy stack of reading materials is growing exponentially. Friends are handing me favorite books, and I’ve found dozens of interesting Titles on Twitter.

Sadly though, I am setting my lovely books to one side so that I can immerse myself in my novel‘s research.  You know my novel, right?  It’s the one you’ll never read, because I will always be writing it.  Anyway, I headed off to the University of New Hampshire (UNH) library and checked out nine books to dig through. The only title I’ll mention here is Black Ice by Lorene Cary.  I found it at UNH and it looks inspirational. I’ll let you know all about it in a month.

Continue reading

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Windows (Fiction)

This week’s Daily Post Challenge, was to write a story in fifty words.  Exactly fifty words.  The idea intrigued me, so here’s my results.


Black curls fall over blue eyes. “Watch for me at six,” he says.

Five fifHelmetGirlty-five: I close programs. One window in front of me, I stare. A helmeted girl collects for Leukemia. She’s more beautiful than I.

My cell buzzes. No time today. I close Facebook and all is dark.

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Leadership Clue(lessness)

In his article, 10 Reasons why Managers are Clueless about Leadership, Dan McCarthy states: “Most managers (and people) have no idea how they come across to others. …We tend to assess ourselves based on our intentions, while others assess us by what they see and hear.”

Today I’m going to discuss one of my character flaws: I shoot my words from the hip, and then when I hit my target I am filled with regret. This past week I’ve had that gut-wrenching, bottom-drops-out feeling I get when I’ve said something I shouldn’t have. I’ve thought about it carefully and I’ve come to the conclusion that my intention wasn’t wrong, but my method was lacking.

Last week, I was part of a group tasked with observing a presentation and providing a critique. As I watched I took thoughtful notes and was pleased to find in the end that I had only a few very tiny tweaks to recommend. But, there was one problem: the presentation had not ended; it had only paused. What followed, I deemed superfluous. I also thought it inappropriate and figured it might be offensive to our anticipated audience.

As the presenters sat down, basking in the success Continue reading

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